Grade 1 ELA Project-based Learning - The Magic of Books
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The Magic of Storybooks course is more than just a learning experience; it’s a journey of discovery, creativity, and growth. Enroll your child or students today and let the magic of storybooks expand their understanding of the world around them.

Driving Question:

How can we, as young storytellers, use the magic of storybooks to bring joy and wonder to the world of Storyville?

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, there was a magical place called Storyville. In Storyville, the power of imagination was strong, and children from all over the world gathered to embark on a grand adventure – “The Magic of Storybooks”!

In this enchanting world, there was a special tree, the “Imagination Oak.” This tree held the secrets to the most wonderful stories ever told. But, oh no! The tree’s magic was fading, and Storyville needed help. And that’s where you come in!

Through a combination of English Language Arts and other exciting subjects like science, art, and even a bit of math, you will set out on 20 fantastic missions to save the Imagination Oak and bring the magic back to Storyville. Each mission will challenge you to learn and grow as you explore the enchanting world of books, and you will discover that learning can be a thrilling adventure.

So, gather your courage, and let’s turn the page to begin our epic journey. The Magic of Storybooks awaits!

The “Magic of Storybooks” course covers a wide range of learning outcomes for kindergarten students. Here is a list of the learning outcomes addressed throughout the 30 missions:

  1. Reading comprehension and interpretation of symbols and clues.
  2. Recognizing and understanding the alphabet, letter recognition, and phonics.
  3. Rhyming and wordplay skills.
  4. Creative storytelling and imagination.
  5. Sequencing and arranging story elements.
  6. Punctuation and grammar skills.
  7. Listening and interviewing skills.
  8. Basic meteorological knowledge and understanding of weather.
  9. Artistic creativity and design skills.
  10. Public speaking and storytelling abilities.
  11. Character development and descriptive writing.
  12. Understanding and identifying opposites.
  13. Vocabulary expansion and word recognition.
  14. Constructing and understanding sentences.
  15. Scriptwriting and acting skills.
  16. Problem-solving and word puzzles.
  17. Creativity and transformation in storytelling.
  18. Introduction to basic math concepts.
  19. Historical and future-oriented thinking.
  20. Teamwork and collaboration.
  21. Confidence in public speaking and performance.
  22. Developing an appreciation for literature and storytelling.
  23. Critical thinking and problem-solving.
  24. Artistic expression and creativity.
  25. Cultural and historical awareness through storytelling.
  26. Parade organization and presentation skills.
  27. Understanding the power of words and their impact.
  28. Confidence in reading and interpreting text.
  29. Effective communication through interviews and storytelling.
  30. The ability to think creatively and outside the box.

These outcomes cover a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge, ensuring a well-rounded and engaging learning experience for kindergarten students in the “Magic of Storybooks” course.

Public Product:

A “Storybook Extravaganza” to showcase your hard work and learning journey.

The Magical Oak Tree