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Improve student academic outcomes by implementing project-based learning at all levels and all subjects. Our PBL courses cover every subject and every grade.



The What

What is PBL (project-based learning)?

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is an educational approach where students acquire knowledge through active involvement in authentic, real-world projects that hold personal significance to them.


The Why

What are the benefits of PBL?

Engaging students in Project-Based Learning (PBL) offers several research-backed benefits:


Deeper understanding of content

PBL encourages students to delve deeply into subjects by working on projects that require them to apply and integrate knowledge from various disciplines. This fosters a deeper understanding of the content.


Critical thinking and problem-solving

PBL necessitates critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students learn to analyze information, identify issues, and develop creative solutions, vital skills for the real world.


Retention and application of knowledge

Research suggests that students are more likely to retain and apply what they’ve learned through PBL compared to traditional rote memorization. Learning by doing enhances long-term knowledge retention.


Real-world relevance

PBL connects classroom learning to the real world. When students work on projects that have real-world applications, they see the relevance of what they’re learning and are more motivated to engage with the material.


Collaboration and communication

PBL necessitates critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students learn to analyze information, identify issues, and develop creative solutions, vital skills for the real world.


Intrinsic motivation

Research has shown that PBL can increase students’ intrinsic motivation to learn. When they have a degree of autonomy in choosing and executing projects, they are more engaged and enthusiastic about their studies.


Preparation for future careers

PBL helps students develop skills and competencies that are highly valued in the workforce, such as problem-solving, teamwork, adaptability, and project management.


Cultural competence

Some of the PBL projects are designed to explore cultural aspects, promoting cultural competence and awareness, which is increasingly important in our diverse global society.


Assessment of complex skills

PBL allows for the assessment of complex skills and competencies that traditional exams may not capture effectively. Teachers can evaluate students’ abilities to apply knowledge in authentic contexts.


Lifelong learning

PBL instills a love for learning and a mindset of continuous improvement. It encourages students to become lifelong learners who are adaptable and open to acquiring new knowledge and skills throughout their lives.

Artificial Intelligence For Pro Courses

AI in PBL School

PBL School offers a new way of supporting students in their quest for knowledge and excellence. Meet our GPT4 artificial intelligence tutors, from DahlBot for language arts to EinsteinBot for advanced physics. By providing an artificial intelligence assistant, PBL School ensures students will have access to a highly intelligent tutor at all times.

  • 24/7 access to an AI tutor
  • Structured guidance with project management expertise
  • Intelligent supplementary material suggestions
  • Improve learning outcomes with our AI mastery program


About Our Courses

From structured to full autonomy

Student autonomy

From learning to learn to full autonomy

Our courses are designed to provide young learners with more structure while allowing experienced learners to take control of their own destinies.

Grades 1-2


For young learners, we provide structured courses that help them adjust to the PBL mindset and learn how to manage projects with the guidance of their teacher.

Grades 3-6


Grades 3-6 students have more control over the execution of their projects and the driving questions they choose, adding to more personalization and freedom of choice in their learning.

Grades 7+


High school students and beyond take full control of their learning and collaborate in a corporate-style environment. They choose their subjects, tools, and who they want to collaborate with.


Our Courses

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The Magic of Storybooks

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