Year 1 ELA Semester 1 PBL Basic Course


Introducing Our Grade 1 English Project-Based Learning Course: “The Magic of Storybooks”!

Enroll Now to Ignite Your Child’s Imagination and Love for Reading!

📚 Are you ready for a magical adventure into the enchanting world of storybooks? Our Grade 1 English Project-Based Learning Course is meticulously crafted to inspire your child’s creativity, nurture their passion for reading, and cultivate essential English Language Arts skills.

🌟 What to Expect:
📖 Year-Long Journey: A comprehensive course spanning 15 captivating projects, each tailored to specific learning outcomes.
🔤 Fundamentals First: From mastering the alphabet to crafting concise sentences, your child will build a strong foundation in English Language Arts.
🌍 Exploring the World: Centered around the question, “How can stories expand our understanding of the world around us?” — your child will embark on a thrilling adventure.

🌟 The Grand Finale:
📕 “Storybook Experience Journey”: Your child’s crowning achievement — a printed keepsake showcasing their creativity, knowledge, and growth.
🎨 Inside the Book:
– Alphabet Book
– Original Song or Chant (with a QR code for audio)
– Phonics Flashcards
– Dramatic Play Videos
– Story Retelling
– Puppet Show Script
– Word Match Game
– Letter Coloring Pages
– Handmade Story Props
– Character Drawings
– Art Gallery
– Storybook Club Discussion Transcript
– Show and Tell Transcript
– Folding Paper Book
– Guided Writing

🌟 Beyond Learning:
This course isn’t just about education; it’s a journey of discovery, creativity, and personal growth.

🚀 Enroll your child today and watch as “The Magic of Storybooks” expands their horizons and fosters a lifelong love for learning. Let the adventure begin! 🌟


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